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John & Mark Huebbe took their Beetle down to Mexico for the Rally America event in March that was running concurrently with the World Rally Championship event. And it was a good decision to do so - they won the 2WD class and came second overall in the Rally America class.

They have added a write-up on their website here

Pictures taken from the recent 2008 Rally of West Virginia

More pictures on their website, courtesy of Judson Bartlett

There's also a short video of them in action.

They finished in 14th place out of 33 starters, and 4th in their class of 10 cars.

John says that "the car was Amazing! Super fun. It was a BIG fan favorite. Everybody was talking about it."

The above two clips were taken from the Huebbe's Beetle on the Rallye de Paris at Camp Maxey, Texas in November 2008. See more at their website.

Latest news is up on John Huebbe's website after their shot at the 2009 Nemadji Trail rally in Minnesota - 4th in the Open class, and 10th Overall.  Great result, guys!

And again - second Nemadji Trail rally, and this time they go even better, coming in 1st in class and 6th overall!

Once again, see their website for up to date videos, blog and pics

Mark took his Beetle to 2nd and 3rd Overall in the twin events of the Rallye de Paris in Roxton, Texas during November 2009. They even got onto the front cover of the newspaper!

The Huebbe rally team finished second in class (out of eleven 2WD cars) on both days for the 2010 100 Acre Wood Rally. They even got onto the local TV news, which can be seen on YouTube at 1:13 in.

More images and video can be seen the Huebbe website.