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This is the Wolfgang Sulc car, winner of the 1978 Jänner Rallye - the last time a Beetle won a major rally (the Jänner Rallye was part of the European Championship at the time).

Christian writes that his friend's Beetle was originally licensed as S 117.239 by Porsche Salzburg for the homologation papers, and has a 4-speed straight cut racing gearbox.  When running, the interior noise level is quite high, mainly being the engine intake noise and the gear whine - especially at high speed.  For it's period, the acceleration is very competitive, the steering is quite heavy and the brakes are light to the touch.  As can be seen from some of the photos of the 1970's cars, the cars had a strong tendency to oversteer when going at high speed.

© Christian Arzberger

The engine and interior of the ex-Sulc car.

© Martin Übelher