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Hannu Ruohorinne & Manu Eskola's 1971 1302S

They compete in the Finnish Historic Rally Trophy with this 1971 VW 1302S. The car was built by the Finnish VW Dealer team in 1971 for Ulf Grönholm, father of Marcus Grönholm. Ulf used this car in three rallies.  

Later, the car was driven by Lasse Sirviö and Taru Ketonen (wife of Leo Kinnunen). 

The car was rebuilt in 2001 and is in top shape. At the beginning of 2003 they won the first rally of the trophy.

As you can see the car is in fine condition and it’s quite fast as well. 

The car was rebuilt carefully, to be as original as possible to when it was raced by Ulf Grönholm and the other Finnish rally heroes during the 70´s. 

The engine is 1600cc, producing 131hp at 6450 rpm and torque of 118lb/ft. You can run the engine up to 8000 rpm, but they usually change gear at 7400 rpm. Carburettors are 48mm IDA´s, and they run the engine on Motul racing oil.

As an estimate of the speed of the car and crew, they were in a gravel rally last Summer that included Hannu Mikkola in Ford Escort RS1600 (BDA-engine).  One the first stage of 15km, they were only 3 seconds off the pace of Hannu, who was the fastest driver on the stage.  Unfortunately, they had to retire due to a mechanical problem after that stage, so were unable to check their pace against Hannu's for the remainder of the rally.



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